Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Social

I thought that this week's Sunday Social questions about high school would be easy.  I was wrong!  They required a lot of thinking and remembering...  Some of those memories were so embarrassing!!!  Was I really a yucka teenager?  Yup!  Totally!

1. Biggest Middle school fashion mistake?

Where do I begin?  Does all of middle school count?  I tried to take a picture but taking a picture of a picture didn't work out well.  The late 90s was a mixture of multiple necklaces, platform shoes, tight t-shirts and baggie jeans.  A mixture of Skater and Spice Girls.

2. Who were your best friends in hs? Pics?

Lee-Ann, Amanda, Heather, Jordan, Megan, Becky, and Kelli.

I did take pictures....and I debated on using them...  but I couldn't think of which ones to share.  Not to mention I don't know if any of them would appreciate me sharing our awkward teenage pictures lol.

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in hs?

A typical weekend in high school was usually spent with friends.  If I wasn't at a friend's house they were over at mine.  My parents were awesome because they were so tolerant of the many co-ed sleepovers that took place.  Don't freak out when you hear co-ed because a majority of the time it was completely innocent!

 I have so many awesome (and now embarrassing) memories of those!

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.

I dated nine guys while I was in high school.  There are a few that stick out more than others.

One of the guys I dated like five times throughout those four years.  That dude broke my heart...over...and over... 
Always easier said than done...
We had a great six months and then after that we could never keep it together.  I ruined a majority of my relationships because of my feelings for this dude.  He was the type who didn't want me when I was single but wanted me whenever I was with someone else.   Super hard but I eventually learned my lesson!  I still don't know if it was infatuation or love...  probably some of both.

My senior year I dated only one guy.  It started good, got great, then I had a slip up with the previously mentioned dude, but he forgave me.  It was rough gaining back the trust, but again we got good, great, and then amazing.  After graduation I knew I wanted something more and joined the Navy.  We tried to make it work but distance wasn't good.   It was a painful breakup and because of that we couldn't have a friendship until many years later.

Another guy I want to mention is Rob.  Rob was super charming and pretty much what every girl wants in a guy.  It could have been great...  but again...  I was so obsessed with the stupid dude that I couldn't take our relationship seriously.  We didn't date long but I wanted to mention him because I wanted to post a video of him singing.  Rob is super talented and everyone should check him out!  Friend him, share his videos and HOPEFULLY look for him to be on The Voice in the upcoming year!

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!

I remember in middle school my friends and I had secret codes.  Each letter in the alphabet had a symbol like a star, heart, circle, etc.  It feels so silly and dorky thinking about it now.

I don't know if this counts as a secret code but one of my besties and I used to nickname everyone and when we would talk about them we would use their nicknames so no one would know.  We also had a million and one inside jokes that no one got but us.  Over ten years later and we both still laugh about them!

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?

I don't think I ever EVER want to relive anything from middle school.  The most awkward years of my life!

As for high school, I don't think I could pick a single moment.  I have so many happy memories!  Pick any weekend my sophomore, junior, or senior year put me there and I would probably be happy. :) That being said I don't ever want to go back.  The past is the past and I like it where it is!

Yay for late night Sunday Social!

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  1. I wouldn't want to relive middle school either! They were my most awkward years as well!