Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Navy Habits I Can't Break

A few days ago when I put my heels on for work I looked down and let out a scream.

Hubs: "What's wrong!?  Are you okay?"
Me: "My pants have railroad tracks!"
Hubs: "Really?" ::hysterial laughter::
Me: "I have to iron them!  I have to iron them NOW!"
Hubs: "You can't just let it go?"
Me: "Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!"  :runs upstairs to iron resulting in being 15 minutes late for work::

For those of you that don't know "railroad tracks" is Navy jargon for having ironed pants that have two creases.

 It is a big no no in the Navy.

The point of this story is that even though I have been out of the Navy for five years there are mannerisms, habits and pet peeves that I still can't let go of.

Like for the love of God a have a "gigline" has to be straight!

Stephanie was wearing this adorable outfit for work one day and the way it was designed had the gigline at an angle.   When I saw her...

Me: "Your gigline isn't straight...  Shift it to the left."
Steph: "That's how it's designed.  ...Let me guess...  It's going to bother you all day now."
Me: "Yes, yes it will."
Steph: ::giggling::

It's not just my clothing that makes my eye twitch.  I'm 5 feet tall so whenever I step on the scale I HAVE to be below 142 or else I automatically flip out and consider myself overweight.

If only...  I totally need this! via
The stupid military goes by the weight and "body mass" by measuring the the neck, waist, and hips.  Personally, I think that "body mass" measurement is a lie!  There is no way that can be right!!!!

It's not just things like appearance and body image that flip me out.  The stupidest, ridiculous, and most insane military/Navy related things set me off.

Walking around I can't carry things in my right hand.  Things have to be in my left hand.  In the military you do this because you have to have your right hand ready to give a salute.  I'm a civilian now!  I'm not going to be saluting anyone!  Why can't I break this habit!?  Every time I try to carry things in my right hand it just feels awkward...

Another weird habit is I have this weird deal with the letter O and 0 "ZERO"!  When saying numbers do not say O!  O is not a number, it is a letter in the alphabet!  ZERO is a number!  The person that I rag on this the most is my own dad!  My dad is a retired Navy Chief.  When we are on the phone, talking numbers, and he says "O" I'm like, "NOOOO!!!  That's not a number!!!  You mean zero!"  Then he laughs at me...  and says I'm an "OCD freak..."  He might be right...  

Like the rest of America... I am in love with J. Law! via
These are just five things that the Navy has done to me.  There are many many MANY more, but I don't want to be here all night.  If I were to list out everything I would feel like I need intervention, or therapy...  More happy pills, perhaps?


  1. Even though I've never been in the military.. either I've lived in this military town for way too long or I've watched way too many military movies because I totally know what a gig line is (My Grandfather was also a Corporal).

    1. Dated any military men? Any military friends? It seems to be a very common habit lol.

  2. I've never been in the military- but the zero thing drives me nuts too!

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one! People usually look at me like I'm crazy when I correct them. I don't mean to be a douche when I correct them... It's just an honest to goodness pet peeve. You get pushups for that in bootcamp!

  3. The gigline thing doesn't really bother me, unless it is WAY off. Using O as a number, though does bug me! I also feel like I am late if I am not at least 5 minutes early and sometimes I forget I'm not in the military sometimes and feel like naked without my cover on outdoors. :p

    1. I can't even imagine being annoyed about the cover thing! I was one of those that walked outside and forgot it lol.