Saturday, February 22, 2014

NYC - Day 3

On the third and last day of my New York trip I was restless.  There was no getting a peaceful night's sleep.  Throughout the tossing and turning at night I called Hubs, went to the ATM, packed my bags, showered, cleaned up the bathroom, went to the front desk to order towels, and surfed the internet via phone.  When the rest of the ladies woke up they got dressed and declared the day to be a "fresh face, no make up day."  We were all just so tired.  We checked out, put our bags on hold then hopped a taxi over to the Financial District to eat breakfast and tour the 9/11 Memorial.

Across the street from the 9/11 Memorial is Bill's Bar and Burger.  Although they are known for their burgers their breakfast was pretty good.  What made them stand out was their awesome customer service and management.  L is allergic to bell peppers so when her home style potatoes came out with them she requested that they remove them.  The manager said that the home style potatoes are prepped with bell peppers but would substitute it with french fries.  The chef ended up making her a fresh batch of home style potatoes with no peppers and a completely new meal to avoid cross contamination. :) Not something they had to do since it would have been so much easier to substitute and put the same order on the plate, but the extra effort made it so much more worth it.

After breakfast we walked across the street to the 9/11 Memorial.  The wait was probably only a half hour since we reserved our tickets.  Getting into the Memorial is like going through airport security.  You have to remove your jacket, put your belongings in a container for an x-ray, walk through a metal detector and be felt up with a wand.

The 9/11 memorial was beautiful but so somber.  I shed a few tears when I saw a man touch one of the names and says, "This is my son."  Something interesting is that they place white roses in the names of the people if it's their birthday. 

The museum is still under construction but we could see through the glass the progress.  There was a gift shop coming out of the memorial that played videos of people telling their stories from 9/11.  It was super sad...  I cried a little...again.

L had some homework that she had to finish up so we hopped a cab back to the hotel so we could just relax.  While L and K hung out in the lobby Stephanie and I walked outside.  I was hoping to stalk out the Booth Theater to see if we could catch Zachary Quinto before he went in for the 2pm show.  Steph and I sat across the alleyway chatted and watched people pass by.  We were talking when I see a tall man, with sunglasses, and a blue hoody that has the facial structure of Zachary Quinto...  it was mother fucking Zachary Quinto!!!  I stopped talking mid sentence, jump up out of my chair and with my beanie and scraf wrapped around my face ran to the hooded Zachary Quinto screaming, what I thought was "Zachary!" but probably sounded more like a muffled sound of "ZARCKRRRRRR".  Zachary Quinto looked at me, covered his face with his hoody even more, and then ran into the stage door as I was literally three feet from him.

I stood at the stage door just looking.  Zachary Quinto ran away from me.  For a split second I was upset then I laughed and ran back to Stephanie who looked simultaneously confused and amused.  I texted K and told her what just happened then walked back to the hotel, laughing all the way.  The four of us laughed in the hotel lobby about the incident for what seemed like forever.  We even did a little mini reenactment of it so that we could get a picture of me looking like crazy.  

Since this was Stephanie's first trip to NYC (we nicknamed the trip Arwen's Magical Mystery Tour since Arwen is her nickname) she had never had food truck street food.  We walked down the street and ordered some gyros, hotdogs and chicken kabobs then brought them back to the hotel to eat. 

 Poor L ended up having an allergic reaction to her gyro because there ended up being bell peppers in it!  Half of her face swelled up!  Luckily Stephanie carries a small pharmacy in her purse and she had some benadryl.

After L's flair up she went back to doing homework with Kristen keeping her company.  Stephanie and I ventured back to Mongolia's so I could pick up treats for everyone to take home.  Sunday afternoon seems to be a good day to go to Mongolia's because there was only a little bit of a wait.  However, they didn't have all the flavors of cheesecakes. :(  The selection of cookies was scarce so I got the girls cookies instead.  I'm so glad that I did because their cupcakes ended up being amazing!!!!

Walking back to hotel we stopped again by the Booth Theater.  I was hoping that the play would be ending and Zachary Quinto would be leaving and I could run after him, catch him, stuff him in my luggage and take him home with me meet him but the show was still going on.  When we returned with the goodies we check our bags out and took a cab to the train station.  There are no fun stories from this train ride, we slept almost the entire time.  Is there such a thing as a vacation after a vacation?

Even though Zachary Quinto ran away from our love I am thrilled that I got to have a girls' weekend in NYC!  I'm hoping that I will get to do it again sometime soon. :)

ZOMG!!!  I FORGOT!!!!  Stephanie had to remind me that I did NOT talk about Zachary Quinto popping a boner while on stage!!!  Yes, I swear, it is true!  In the scene where Tom (ZQ) and his mom are fighting he popped a total boner.  What's even more amazing is that I didn't point it out!  K did!!!  Amazing and beautiful....


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  1. OMG ZACHARY QUINTO! That's awesome! I went to NYC a couple of years ago for the first time and I'm DYING to go back!